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    and lead life fully
    Create personal transformation to live life with a greater fulfillment, clarity and flow
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    Build a culture of growth
    in the workplace
    Bringing your career and business performance to the next level
    by building a culture of growth habits
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Mission to set people free to live the life they want

Edwin is on a mission to enable people to find their freedom from their baggage so that they can live life as a whole and healthy being that brings about a positive change to the world around them.

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Actualise greater human potential

Whether this means living life to express your higher potential, to achieve a greater height in your career or business, Edwin’s coaching programs, solutions and services will help you bridge the gaps between your current status to where you want to be. Read more here.

Your Personal Coach to help you accelerate results, build confidence and actualise your goals.
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Develop the skills, habits and mindset to drive your business/career forward.
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Becoming an expert of yourself from inside out to live a fulfilling, thriving & successful life more effectively.
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"As individuals, we are meant to live life with a sense of fulfillment, purpose, clarity and flow.
By actualising our potential in various capacities, this can be achieved more fully than before!"
- Edwin Choo

Success Stories


Dynamic Young Lady

It really made me understand myself better, and I feel much lighter after the coaching sessions. Also clearer of what I should do. I woke up feeling so excited to start my day and I’ll put on my ‘attire’ before I head out.


Before my coaching with Edwin, I will hold back and don’t bother to speak up. After coaching, I speak up more often and with confidence. Even for Public Speaking.

Financial Services Director

Your commitment, passion, and delivery were really amazing. We had a great start and the speed as well as intensity with which we rolled out globally over 3 years was unbelievable.

Mother & Daughter

My coaching sessions with Edwin greatly enhanced the relationships I have, especially that with my mother. Edwin is instinctive and knows exactly what resources I can tap on, with each session yielding precious gems for me to reflect upon. As a result, I can understand other people’s perspectives and choose to pause before I respond. I am a much better person today because of his kind assistance.

Working Mother & Career Lady

A lot of reflection and self discovery the last few months after the coaching sessions. I believe many of us may not be aware of our blindspots and not knowing why we react the way we react if we didn’t have your coaching sessions. We need to have awareness before we can change and improve the situations we are in.

Aspiring Young Leader

Thank you for your coachings, Edwin. It allows me to connect with my guys better in accordance to their enneagram types. Certainly increase my flexibility to switch and adapt.