Enneagram Profiling Test (For Personality Typing)

By Edwin Choo

© 2021 liberatewithedwin

How to do the Enneagram profiling test:

1) Find a quiet place with the lowest possible human traffic and distraction.

2) Try to complete this profile test in one sitting. Please do not rush to complete it. However, it should not take more than 30 minutes to complete this test.

3) Select your answers in the context of your life in general that resonate most with you. Do not confine your answers to work or family environments only.

4) Be honest with yourself and choose the words and sentences which truthfully describe you.

5) Please do not overthink. Trust your gut to each selection. There is no right or wrong selection.

6) Once you have completed this profile test, the report of your enneagram type that most describes your personality will be emailed to you.

7) After you have received the test report, Edwin would like to meet up with you either face-to-face or via zoom for a complimentary session.

This is so that the questions regarding your enneagram types, the current issues you are experiencing or the desired outcomes in your life can be answered and discussed. Edwin can also be reached at any of the following ways:

Contact Number: 91799131
Email: [email protected]

Schedule a slot directly with Edwin here

8) If inaccuracy or error is detected, an email will be sent to you to retake the test.

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2/10Section A (Please tick all that applies to yourself)

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5/10Section D (Please tick all that applies to yourself)

6/10Section E (Please tick all that applies to yourself)

7/10Section F (Please tick all that applies to yourself)

8/10Section G (Please tick all that applies to yourself)

9/10Section H (Please tick all that applies to yourself)

10/10Section I (Please tick all that applies to yourself)

10/10End of Enneagram Profiling Test

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